As   we   get   closer   to   the   year   end   I   find   this   is   usually   a   good   time   to   reflect   as   well   as   to   look   towards   the   future.   This   year   has   been   the   first   year of    the    new    Joint    Committee    and    our    resources    and    teamwork    were    given    an    early    challenge    when    we    organised    the    Royal    Wedding Extravaganza!   I   think   it   was   a   great   weekend   on   the   Winchfield   and   it   was   good   to   see   so   many   people   out   enjoying   themselves.   More   recently we   have   put   a   reconditioned   kitchen   into   the   Village   Hall.   This   was   a   real   necessity   and   I'm   sure   the   Hall   will   be   used   more   often   as   a   result. Finally, the website has been redesigned and updated, whilst still retaining all the key information on the Village. The   Joint   Committee   are   now   considering   what   we   can   best   achieve   for   the   Village   in   the   future.   We   are   intending   to   produce   a   strategy   for   the next 5 years and I want to give you a very brief overview of our current thoughts; •   A   year   long   programme   of   social   and   charitable   events   for   all   ages   taking   place   on   the   Winchfield,   Village   Hall   and   involving   our   two   pubs whenever possible. • A major celebration next year to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. • More work to improve the Village Hall starting with replacing the windows. • Potential for a storage unit on the Winchfield for equipment which may have a small 'Pavilion' or barbecue area. • Continuous improvement of the Children's play area. •   Fencing   off   the   Parish   Field   and   allowing   grazing   of   docile   stock   for   a   few   weeks   a   year   to   help   maintain   the   unique   habitat   of   the   field.   This species rich grassland contains some very rare plants and has recently been granted Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status. This is by no means an exhaustive list and I am keen to hear your comments on these ideas as well as any other suggestions you may have. Can I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Steven Madeley, Chair of Joint Residents and Village Hall Committee T: 01446 775646  E: