The   Winchfield   is   an   area   of   flat   land   at   the   bottom   of   the   valley   at   the   northern   end   of Craig   Penllyn.   The   name   comes   from   the   winch   that   was   part   of   the   mechanism   of   the deep well dug near its southern boundary before piped water reached the Craig. The   land   was   originally   owned   by   Lord   Dunraven   who   later   sold   it   to   the   Homfray family.   They   in   turn,   leased   it   to   the      Penllyn   Parish   until   2005   when   the   Homfray   family trust   gifted   the   land   to   The   Winchfield   Recreational   Charity.   This   had   had   been   set   up   by the   Penllyn   Community   Council   to   receive   the   land   and   use   it   for   the   benefit   of   the   Parish residents. A   children’s   play   area   with   swings   and   a   roundabout   was   set   up,   the   tennis   club   was established     with     two     outdoor     courts,     and     in     2010     it     was     decided     to     build     a running/walking    track    around    the    perimeter    of    the    field.    This    was    triumphantly completed, though not without some controversy, in 2011. It   is   used   throughout   the   year   for   the   bigger   Parish   events   and   in   2010   was   the   venue   for the   Royal   Wedding   celebrations.   Recently   it   has   hosted   the   Cowbridge   under   9   football team and in 2012 will be the venue for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. You   can   see   the   field’s   location   on   a   map   by   going   to   Village   Information   and   then choosing the Area Map under Village Maps.