Penllyn and Graig Penllyn Village Committee (Joint Residents Association and Village Hall Committees) 5 year Strategy 2012–2017   Draft The   purpose   of   this   draft   strategy   is   to   act   as   a   discussion   document   to   allow   the   Committee to   formulate   the   strategy   and   then   to   consult   with   the   residents   before   it   is   adopted.   This document   was   accepted   at   the   Committee   meeting   on   Feb   9 th    2012   as   suitable   for   wider circulation and comment. Background The   Residents   Association   and   Village   Hall   Committee   used   to   exist   as   separate   entities.   It was   decided   to   form   a   Joint   Committee   in   2011   to   pool   resources   and   coordinate   activities. This   was   done   with   the   agreement   of   both   Committees.   As   the   Village   Hall   is   run   as   a   trust, after   investigation   the   decision   was   taken   not   to   fully   integrate   accounts   of   the   two,   but   to retain   separate   Treasurers   and   bank   accounts   for   each   Committee.   The   Village   has   a   good history   of   organising   events   and   developing   our   assets   and   the   current   Joint   Committee understands the need to devise, consult on and implement a rolling 5 Year plan for the village. Vision statement and purpose ‘It   is   our   aim   to   improve   the   quality   of   life   for   residents   by   managing,   maintaining   and improving   key   assets   and   also   by   communicating   and   delivering   a   number   of   social   events each year.’ The Plan 1.0 The Village Hall The   Village   Hall   has   been   central   to   village   life   for   a   number   of   years   and   is   regularly   used   by a   number   of   organisations.   An   upgraded   kitchen   was   installed   in   late   2011   and   other   potential improvements are: 1.1 Sand and re-varnish the floor. 1.2 Replace the existing windows with double glazed ones. 1.3 Improve the toilet facilities. 1.4 Improve disabled access. 1.5 Replace the heaters. 1.6 Consider extending the hall. Actions Find out the cost of the improvements. Consult with residents on the proposals. Decide on priorities for works to be carried out. Investigate what grants may be available. Organise fund raising events as necessary. 2.0 Salmon’s Wells The   Wells   were   the   subject   of   extensive   restoration   and   were   re-opened   in   2000   after   much work   from   residents,   supported   by   other   organisations.      There   is   a   management   plan   in   place funded by the Graig and Penllyn Village Committee 2.1 Ensure the Wells are managed and maintained to the existing standards. 3.0 The Winchfield The   Winchfield   is   managed   by   Penllyn   Community   Council   for   the   benefit   of   the   parish   and   it’s residents.    The    facilities    have    been    upgraded    over    the    years    with    a    path    being    built    in 2010/2011.    Responsibility    for    the    grass    cutting    has    been    taken    over    by    the    Residents Association   and   it   is   envisaged   that   the   Vale   Council   will   probably   put   in   less   support   in   the future. Considerations for The Winchfield are: 3.1 Continue   to   manage   the   grass   and   hedge   cutting   and   the   general   maintenance   of the equipment. 3.2 Consult with residents on any changes or additions. 3.3 Renew the goalposts. 3.4 Consider an equipment store on the field. 3.5 Consider an equipment store and small pavilion. 3.6 Continue to use the field for village events. Actions Formulate a maintenance plan. Investigate what grants may be available. Decide whether an equipment store is needed and what form it should take. Organise fund raising events as necessary. 4.0 The Parish Field The   Parish   Field   has   been   part   of   the   village   for   many   years   as   communal   grazing   land   and because   it   has   not   been   cultivated,   it   has   become   home   to   a   large   number   of   bio   diverse plants,   some   of   which   are   very   rare   in   both   Wales   and   the   UK.   In   February   2011   it   was granted   SSSI   status   as   species   rich   neutral   grassland.   The   field   is   leased   from   the   Community Council   and   the   lease   term   ends   in   2012.   Once   a   year,   the   grass   needs   to   be   cut   and   raked and   this   is   done   by   the   residents   and   supported   by   other   organisations.      Considerations   for the Parish Field are: 4.1 Improve the information available on entering the field. 4.2 Progress lease renewal process. 4.3 Ensure continuing support of the Hay Rake. 4.4 Consider   fencing   to   allow   grazing   of   stock   for   a   few   weeks   each   year   to   further improve   the   quality   of   the   grassland.   (This   is   as   part   of   a   management   plan   to   be drawn up in consultation with CCSW). 4.5 Consult with residents on the plan. Actions Conclude lease negotiations. Continue giving the Parish Field a high profile in communications. Investigate financial support from other organisations. 5.0 Communication The   village   has   enjoyed   a   good   level   of   communication.      A   quarterly   newsletter   is   produced and   in   2011   the   website   was   upgraded,   whilst   still   keeping   all   the   original   and   historic information.   More   recently,   e-shots   have   been   used   as   reminders   for   social   events.   New residents are also issued with the millennium Penllyn book. Considerations are: 5.1 Continue the newsletter and website activity 5.2 Work on sponsorship for both to cover costs. 5.3 Consider a Facebook page and use of other social media. 5.4 Update the welcome pack. Actions Agree and implement considerations. 6.0 Social Events The   village   has   a   history   of   running   a   full   calendar   of   social   events.   These   have   varied   widely, appealed   to   differing   ages   and   have   generally   been   well   attended.   Recently,   some   of   these have   been   not   run   due   to   a   lack   of   support   and   organisation.   One   large   event   has   tended   to be   run   on   the   Winchfield   in   the   summer   and   other   events   take   place   in   the   Village   Hall.     Considerations are: 6.1 Production of an annual programme of events. 6.2 Appointment of event organisers for each event. 6.3 Get feedback from residents regarding types of future events. 6.4 Look at sponsorship or fund raising potential for events. 6.5 Aim to involve The Red Fox and The Barley Mow wherever possible. Actions Decide on programme and strategy annually. 7.0 Other issues The   Committee   need   to   further   improve   its   relationship   with   the   Community   Council   and   the Vale.      Also,   the   main   road   through   the   village   has   deteriorated   over   the   last   few   years   with the   only   attention   being   to   fill   major   potholes.   The   Vale   of   Glamorgan   Council   will   shortly   be producing their local plan. Considerations are: 7.1 Invite   other   members   of   the   Community   Council   to   our   meetings   (Eiryn   Petty attends already). 7.2 Contact   the   Vale   Highways   to   understand   their   plans   and   make   representation   to improve the roadway. 7.3 Understand    the    local    plan    and    bring    any    key    issues    to    the    attention    of    the Residents which may affect them in the future. 7.4 Lobby   where   possible   to   improve   utilities   such   as   gas,   broadband   and   mobile communications. 7.5 Consult with the residents to see if there are any other issues. Actions Understand the issues and plan accordingly. Mobilise and lobby on key agreed issues. Incorporate any further actions where necessary. Draft 1 31st Jan 2012   Steven Madeley Draft 2 10 th  Feb 2012   Updated with Committee comments.