T he   wells   comprise   a   series   of   well-heads   developed   individually   from   as   early   as   13th   century   to   1911   when   the   third   well   was   dug.   They   were in   use   as   the   principal   source   of   fresh   water   until   the   mains   supply   was   introduced   in   1937.   The   wells   changed   and   developed   over   that   period with   Dr   Salmon   undertaking   a   major   restoration   in   the   1880s   and   since   that   time   they   have   been   known,   at   least   locally,   as   Salmon’s   Wells.   The site   is   permanently   on   display,   with   an   explanatory   panel   and   is   of   unique   historic   interest   -   no   similar   site   has   yet   been   found.   It   is   part   of   a programme   to   restore   the   character   of   the   Parish   of   Penllyn   where   elements   of   development   from   the   12th   century   to   the   present   can   still   be visibly traced. Complete History of the Salmon Wells