Salmon’s Wells Update. Summer 2016. Some will have noticed that work has been taking place at the Wells over the last few months. Since the restoration work at the Wells that returned the area to that which would have been recognised by past villagers, who had to use it as their water supply, maintenance had been restricted to keeping the site tidy. The original restoration work is a tribute mainly to the hard work, both in research and heavy labour, of Ray Caple and Brian Gillard, two very dedicated villagers who sadly are no longer with us. It became obvious recently that the  pathway edgings had rotted and the paths becoming degraded as a result. There was also much encroachment of invasive weeds. In addition some of the planting that had taken place at the restoration, plus some self-seeded sycamores, had become too large for the site. It was obvious that some serious repair work was required, otherwise the previous efforts would be wasted. A specification of repair work was drawn up and quotations for the work obtained. When the case was presented to the Penllyn Community Council, it was agreed that the cost of the project could be met out of the Council’s budget. In addition future maintenance will also be funded by the Council. Work is now completed with the pathways renewed, complete with stone edging strips. All channels have been cleared of detritus. Overgrowth and invasive weeds have been cleared and treated. Some repair to stone paving was also completed. Much interest has been shown by people as the work was ongoing. This was not only from villagers but passers by. A large group of ramblers even stopped to have their snack lunch within the confines, and appreciated the experience. So this is an interesting feature for all to enjoy in our village. It is some concern that the site is not very noticeable, and possibly a reasonably sized sign opposite the Wells might encourage more interest. Please respond if you feel such a sign is needed. Contact Eiryn Petty on or 01446 773907