PROGRESS UPDATE - Steven Madeley: The path has now been completed with the seeding due to take place in February/March and we need to turn our attention to the final surface colour. The original specification was to paint the path green. This was not done during the construction phase due to the poor weather and now we have an opportunity to review the situation. A brief summary of the rationale is as follows; Paint the surface green: Some residents may have voted in favour of painting the path because they thought a green surface would blend in more with the environment. Leave the surface as is because : There will be an on-going maintenance requirement to repaint at least every five years and this will have a significant associated cost. Green paint will fade over time. A painted path will be more slippery when wet. Advice we now have states that painting a path is not usually done in these circumstances. It is the opinion of the Residents Association Committee that we should leave the surface as it is. However, we want to use this review to really understand the views of the Residents. Is it important to paint the path green or is the current finish acceptable? The next step is to make your feelings, views and opinions for painting or not known. Before you do this, I would encourage you to use the path first so you can effectively express your view. You can then contact Steven Madeley by the following methods; By letter to Ty Ceiliog, Graig Penllyn, Cowbridge.  CF71 7RT By email to By ringing 01446 775646 All the feedback will be analysed and then the Residents Association will summarise the situation and keep you informed as to our next course of action. Steven Madeley Vice Chair, Residents Association. 25-Jan-2011