Welcome to our Summer! There   is   plenty   to   read   on   this   site   about   our   Jubilee   celebrations.    We   have   always   taken   pride   in   putting   on   good   quality   events   and   the   Jubilee weekend   was   no   exception.   The   celebration   in   the   Village   Hall   on   Saturday   night   and   the   family   day   on   the   Sunday   were   both   very   different and   it   was   great   to   see   so   many   people   attending.   We   are   very   fortunate   to   have   a   good   weather   venue   in   the   Winchfield   and   an   alternative   in the Village Hall. At   the   recent   Joint   Committee   meeting,   we   decided   to   concentrate   on   the   Village   Hall   this   year.   A   recent   energy   audit   has   underlined   the   need to   fit   new   windows   and   improve   the   insulation   as   well   as   doing   some   other   work   to   keep   the   building   up   to   a   good   standard.   We   are   able   to   get a grant to cover the majority of the costs but we shall also be doing some fund raising this year to make up the shortfall. Another   big   change   over   the   last   few   weeks   has   been   the   resurfacing   of   the   road   through   the   village.   I'm   sure   we   all   appreciate   not   being   shaken about   on   our   way   to   and   from   our   homes!   The   resurfacing   was   in   the   plan   but   could   have   been   any   time   in   the   next   three   years.   However,   a petition,   the   engagement   of   the   local   Councillors   and   letters   written   by   a   number   of   individuals   helped   bring   the   need   into   sharp   focus   and   the work was given a priority. Thank you to everyone who participated in the online petition or contacted the Council. Finally,   I   know   many   of   you   use   the   website   to   look   at   the   newsletter   (if   only   to   get   the   images   in   colour!).   But   don't   forget   you   can   advertise your   business   as   well   ( see   the   Village   Information   menu   item   above ).      If   you   are   interested,   use   the   'contact   us'   form   and   we   will   get   back   to   you   with prices and specifications. Steven Madeley, Chair of Joint Residents and Village Hall Committee T: 01446 775646  E:
I n   the   Christmas   edition   of   the   newsletter   you   will   find   lots   of   information   on   forthcoming   events   as   well   as   reviews   of   recent   activities.   The recent   “Call   my   wine   Bluff”   evening   proved   to   be   very   popular.   Once   we   had   all   got   the   hang   of   what   it   was   all   about,   everybody   seemed   to   be enjoying   themselves,   but   then   who   wouldn't   after   sampling   all   those   wines!   The   money   raised   will   go   to   the   continuing   improvement   of   the Village   Hall.   The   new   windows   and   heaters   have   made   the   hall   very   cosy   indeed   and   the   final   stages   of   improvement   will   be   to   paint   the   walls and varnish the floor. The next fund-raising event is the “Auction of all Auctions” on 23rd March 2013. This   will   probably   be   my   last   message   to   you   as   Chairman.   Carol   and   I   want   a   smaller   house   and   it   looks   like   our   sale   is   proceeding.   We   want   to remain   in   The   Vale   and   looking   at   property   in   other   villages   has   reminded   me   how   blessed   we   are   to   live   here.   What   other   village   can   boast   a Church,   a   Village   Hall,   two   great   pubs,   listed   buildings,   a   large   communal   playing   field   and   Parish   Field   of   Special   Scientific   Interest!   Many   of these   features   need   active   management   and   I   would   like   to   thank   the   committee   members   past   and   present   for   their   support.   We   should   not   be moving too far away and you will still probably find us in one of the pubs from time to time! Steven Madeley, Chair of Joint Residents and Village Hall Committee T: 01446 775646  E: