Graig & Penllyne Residents Association Chair:  Barbara Whitehouse, White Cottage, Graig Penllyn, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, CF71 7RT Telephone:  01446 774184 Minutes  for AGM  Held  4 May 2011 Committee  Present : Chairman Barbara Whitehouse , VC  Steven Madeley Treasurer  Jonathon Case, Secretary Colin Parsons, Lars Tiessen, Val Caple,  Barbara Smith, Melanie Treadwell Others present were  Dai Harris, Jill Bonney, Eiryn Petty, Trevor Stone, Glynis Parsons. Apologies for Absence :   Carol Madeley, Val Harmer, Sue Gibson Approval of Previous Minutes :  Proposed Steve Madeley, Seconded Melanie Treadwell   Passed Chairman’s  Report   Attached  .  Barbara has for the last 5 years served as Chairman and successfully guided and strengthened the RA Com and a small token of our appreciation was presented to her to the approval of all. Treasurers Report :Attached  The report shows the year ending the 31 March 2011  and includes the expenditure on the Winchfield Path project . Dai Harris  explained the joint  insurance  cover that was now in place for both the RA and VH  functions. He presented the meeting with certificates for Public Liability and Employers Liability . The meeting agreed to share equally  the costs between the two committees except for the Buildings  part which would be born by the VH Committee accounts . Subject to the approval as given below separate RA and VH treasurers and accounts would be maintained   Motion For the formation of a joint committee  had been circulated and after some discussion was passed unanimously by all present – Proposed   Colin Parsons  Seconded  Steve  Madeley Election of Committee and  Officers -  It should be noted that all  elected are eligible to serve on the Joint Committee and meetings of the joint committee  are deemed to be meetings of the RA Committee . The following were   nominated seconded and elected Chairman Steve Madeley , Treasurer Jonathon Case , Secretary Colin Parsons , Barbara and Paul Smith , Carol Madeley, Lars Tiessen, Val Caple , Barbara Whitehouse, Sue Gibson. AOB    The meeting closed and the  first meeting of the Joint  Committee began