Extracts from the minutes of the Village Hall Committee AGM held on 4 May 2011 Chairman’s Report The Chairman, David Harris, indicated that whilst there had not been a huge amount of committee activity during the year, significant progress had been made towards last year’s main stated aim of combining the resources of the Village Hall and Residents’ Association committees. The Chairman expressed his thanks to Colin Parsons for his work in drawing up the AGM motion for this purpose and to Val, Eiryn and Colin for their involvement in moving the proposition forward. Property matters would remain the responsibility of the Village Hall committee and separate accounts would continue to be maintained by both bodies. The motion was carried unanimously. The Chairman thanked Val Caple for her invaluable contribution to the successful running of the Village Hall, in particular in her roles as Bookings Secretary and Caretaker. The Chairman also thanked Jill Bonney for keeping the accounts in good order and for standing in as Minutes Secretary. Plans for the year ahead would be restricted to smaller projects to include consideration of kitchen and toilet refurbishment and replacement windows. Treasurer’s Report Once again it had been a fairly uneventful year with no specific fund-raising events being held and no significant maintenance expenditure. The year ended with a net deficit of £30 taking total reserves to £9,236. Overall income for the year was £1,808 which was very much in line with the last two years. Total expenditure at £1,838 was a little higher than last year due to the cost of drawing up plans for a potential extension/improvement of storage facilities. Election of Committee Members Committee members were agreed as follows: Eiryn Petty, Colin Parsons, Nick Hawksworth, Trevor Stone and Sarah Fenner. Trustees to remain as currently i.e. Johnny Homfray, Angela Harris, Alun Evans and David Llewellyn. AOB The combined liability policy for the VH and RA was due for renewal and the committee had been given a very favourable quotation. Village Hall committee would remain liable for the property related element of the cost. Bookings There are regular bookings for 3 or 4 evenings during the week, but we can fit in an early party and weekends are usually available. For a donation residents can borrow equipment from the Hall Please contact Val for charges and bookings