CYNGOR CEFN GWLAD CYMRU   COUNTRYSIDE COUNCIL FOR WALES SITE OF SPECIAL SCIENTIFIC INTEREST: CITATION VALE OF GLAMORGAN                                     THE PARISH FIELD, CAE’R RHEDYN Date of Notification:    24 February 2011     National Grid Reference:    SS 979776 OS Maps:         1:50,000 Sheet number: 170      1:10,000 Sheet number: SS 97 NE  Site Area: 1. 3 ha Description: The   Parish   Field,   Cae’r   Rhedyn   SSSI   is   of   special   interest   for   its   species-rich   neutral   grassland.      Some   of   this   habitat   has   a   particularly calcicolous   nature.      This   is      one   of   the   rarest   types   of   grassland   in   Wales,   now   mainly   confined   to   a   small   number   of   sites   in   the   Vale   of Glamorgan,   Monmouthshire   and   north-east   Wales.      By   contrast,   in   other   parts   of   this   site,   the   soils   are   more   acidic,   and   it   is   a particular   characteristic   of   The   Parish   Field,   Cae’r   Rhedyn   SSSI   that   calcicolous   and   acidic   grasslands   occur   in   an   intricate   mosaic.     Associated   habitats   include   small   areas   of   scrub   and   overgrown   hedgerows.      The   site   consists   of   a   single   field   above   the   village   of Graig   Penllyn,   approximately   3   km   north-west   of   Cowbridge,   at   an   altitude   of   between   60   and   90m.   The   field   has   a   south-westerly aspect,    sloping    towards    a    minor    road    that    forms    part    of    the    SSSI    boundary.    The    soils    are    free    draining    brown    earths    over Carboniferous   limestone.   The   principal   habitat   at   The   Parish   Field,   Cae’r   Rhedyn   SSSI   is   the   neutral   grassland.   This   is   characterised   by grasses,   such   as   common   bent Agrostis   capillaris,   sweet   vernal-grass Anthoxanthum   odoratum,   crested   dog’s   tail      Cynosurus   cristatus, red   fescue      Festuca   rubra,   and   Yorkshire   fog   Holcus   lanatus.   Typical   herb   species   include   yarrow      Achillea   millefolium,   common knapweed   Centaurea   nigra,   rough   hawkbit   Leontodon   hispidusand   common   bird’s-foot-trefoil   Lotus   corniculatus.   Where   the   soil   is lime-rich,   these   grassland   plants   are   joined   by   lady’s   bedstraw   Galium   verum,   salad   burnet      Poterim   sanguisorba,   quaking   grass      Briza media,   yellow   oat-grass      Trisetum   flavescens   and   downy   oat-grass      Avenula   pubescens.   In   other   areas,   where   the   ground   is   steepest, the   soil   has   become   leached,   and   plants   preferring   more   acid   soils   occur,      including   devil’s-bit   scabious      Succisa   pratensis,   betony     Betonica   officinalis,   burnet-saxifrage      Pimpinella   saxifraga      and   tormentil   Potentilla   erecta.         Scarce   or   local   species   that   have   been recorded   at      The   Parish   Field,   Cae’r   Rhedyn   SSSI   include   common   rock-rose      Helianthemum   nummularium,   moonwort   Botrychium lunaria and crested hair-grass Koeleria macrantha.   Remarks:   The site supports the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority ‘lowland meadow’ habitat.   The   Parish   Field,   Cae’r   Rhedyn   SSSI   is   owned   by   the   charity Allotments   for   the   Labouring   Poor,   of   which   Penllyn   Community   Council is the official custodian.