MOTION FOR A JOINT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION - VILLAGE HALL & COMMITTEE This motion will be put to both the Village Hall and Residents’ Association of Graig & Penllyn AGMs on the 4 th  May 2011 This AGM agrees to the formation of a joint Residents’ Association & Village Hall Executive Joint Committee.  The following are agreed:- 1. THE PURPOSES OF THE JOINT COMMITTEE IS TO ADVANCE THE PURPOSES OF THE VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE AND THE OBJECTS OF THE RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION. 2. Meeting of this Joint Committee  are deemed to be meetings of both organisations and are quorate if 6 persons from those Committees are present.  (Once the Officers of the Joint Committee are elected, one Officer must be present). 3. Members of the Joint Committee comprise all members of the individual Committees.  Members will only have one vote on the Joint Committee even if they are on both individual Committees. 4. Immediately after the two AGMS (usually held on the same day) the Committee of each jointly meet to elect a Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson and Secretary of the Joint Committee (the Officers). 5. The separate accounts are to be maintained and operated by the Treasurers of the individual organisations however one person may hold both posts and the existing signatory rules applied. 6. For the avoidance of doubt, the Committee will meet no less than 4 times a year.  The dates of those meetings will be agreed at the meeting when the Chairman is elected and the Agendas published 14 days before the meetings. 7. A vote to the Joint Committee is passed by a simple majority of those present.  There is no chairman’s casting vote, in the event of a tie, the motion fails. 8. The Committee may co-opt up to 4 additional members to replace members resigning during the year or provide specific expertise. 9. The Joint Committee stands until the next AGMs when it is then reformed using the procedure above unless a motion (that is correctly included in the Notice of AGM ) of either organisations AGM calls for its abandonment and is approved . 10. Nothing in this motion prevents the call for EGMs (Extraordinary General Meetings) as allowed in the respective constitutions.